Wednesday, September 21, 2011

‘Sukhanshi Bhandto Aamhi’: For those who have a mind

I watched this thought-provoking and enriching Marathi play at Yashwant Natya Mandir, Matunga last weekend.

Sukhanshi Bhando Aamhi is a Marathi theater play that brilliantly tries to picture before us what we loose out in our lives in the bid to attain higher material levels.

The writer, Abhiram Bhadkamakar, raises important questions that shake our conscience, but anyways, our mind has always been asking us the same questions before, but all of us have learnt to turn a deaf ear to whatever the mind has to say. However, Sada, marvelously enacted by Chinmay Mandlekar, finds it impossible to turn a deaf ear to his ever-questioning mind and becomes insane in his attempt to capture the mind and cage it.

This insane(?) man poses all the questions that his mind asks him to the composed and controlled psychiatrist enacted by Girish Oak. As a result, the doctor is forced to ponder over and repent some of the actions in his life. Girish Oak, as always has cracked another top notch performance. Pournima Ahire, with her well-timed (could’ve been better though) nuisances makes you laugh now and then and lightens the atmosphere. Rekha Bade, the in-the-race-to-succeed wife appears very clinical and focused as the role demands.

The script, as is with all successful theater plays, is the strongest part of Sukhanshi Bhandto Aamhi. Every now and then, the writer comes up with exceptional descriptions of the complexities of life in flawless terms. One example could be;

“Aayushyachya ojhyaani kolmadun padalo tar daruwar tari khapar fodata yeil mhanun mi daru pito ”

(I drink (alcohol) as there will be something to blame if I succumb to the pressures of life.)

I was impressed and awed by numerous sentences from this play, but I leave it upon you to go ahead and catch this delightful play at a theater near you.

[Again, as Katha had proved to be 1000 times better than That Girl in Yellow Boots, Sukhanshi Bhandto Aamhi is anytime a better watch than Mere Brother Ki Dulhan … but for the publicity.]


  1. Superb and thought-provoking. Felt a bit dragged towards the end though. But Chinmay Sir is amazing! What performance! Gave me goosebumps.


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