Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sabarmati Ashram

I visited the Sabarmati Ashram this week. This article is to present the readers a pictorial description of one of the most significant places in India.
When you enter the ashram, you do not pay anything or you are also not confronted with any security procedures. I was not used to this because every other famous place in India does have a minimal 'entry fee'. And more importantly, 'the no photographs' sign board does not welcome you at the ashram. I don't understand why people are not allowed to take photographs, again this happens at most famous places.

The Ashram Premises
The ashram premises are more or less similar to what you would expect if you have any prior knowledge of Mahatma Gandhi.

There are not many places where birds and butterflies can wander freely these days. The Mahatma's home is surely one of the shelters for this beautiful and innocent creatures.

Paintings and Photographs
Moving ahead, there are 3-4 short galleries which consist of about 80-100 paintings related to Mahatma Gandhi and his messages. It is a nice connector for a layman with Gandhiji.

Artifacts and Handicraft
There are many other artifacts related to the Mahatma that interest the visitor.

The most famous of them all: Gandhiji's 3 monkeys

The real Treasure
The real treasure at Sabarmati Ashram is the room where Gandhiji actually lived for 15 years and some major happenings of his life and thereby India's history were inspired from this room.

Inside view of Gandhiji's room along with his charkha

Documents,writings and other information sources
The ashram library is a collection of almost all the important writings of and upon Mahatma Gandhi. This includes letters written by and to Gandhiji by some eminent personalities of the world, copies of 'Navjivan- Gandhiji's mouthpiece' and all the books, collections that research workers and historians might be interested in.

The Sabarmati
You cannot ignore the presence of the Sabarmati, though flowing peacefully along the walls of the Ashram.

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  1. Today I got the news that The Asharam is served by one notice to pay few lakhs of house tax to AMC soon,otherwise.....more tax....!!!!What is this this India...BHarat....if....No.....!!!!Ask...TATA of Steel,Truks,.neno..and so on....where is Ambanis....Adanis...Makyaa.....Bajaj....Amitab Bachchan.....?......all other Ganhis.....For Bhagvaan ke vaste.....Allah ke Dooaraa
    GHAR....kiraye ka dedo....kisi doosare.....PRADESH MAIN....!!JAGO INDIA Jago....!!!!!


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