Sunday, January 2, 2011

God’s own village: Parshuram

Formally, Parshuram is a famous tourist place near Chiplun on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India.

For me, Parshuram is God’s own personal holiday home and I am indeed a blessed one to have been brought up in this amazing corridor of the Sahyadris.

The village is named after Lord Parshurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu. As the epic says, Parshurama created a new stretch of land (present Konkan, the coastal strip from Gujarat to Kerala) by forcing the Arabian sea backwards by hitting an arrow. The wiki link above offers all religous details.

The Parshuram temple

This is the most important monument in Parshuram. It is believed that Lord Parshurama resides in this temple. He goes to the Himalayas for penance at sunrise and returns at sunset.
The major festivals in the temple are Parshuram Jayanti, Shiv Jayanti and Ram Navami. The Dashavtar Leela performed by artists in the village is of great significance for the villagers. You have to be there to experience the ecstasy of Dashavtar.

The Datta Mandir

This is another important monument in Parshuram. Located on a mountain top, the Datta Mandir is an ideal place for meditators and devotees.

Way to Datta Mandir

Small Caves in mountains
There are many small caves in the dense mountains around the Datta Mandir. It can be easily judged by seeing the caves that they were built/carved for meditaion purpose. There is space enough only to sit in the caves and also there are stone seatings inside.

The ancient well
There is a gigantic well built with laterite rock on the way to Datta Mandir. It is called as the "Pandava well" and is believed to be built by the Pandavas.

Parshuram in rains
This is the time, the natural glory of Parshuram is at its best and offers numerous exotic locations and views to the mountaineer. I am lucky to have enjoyed numerous monsoons in this untouched natural treasure.

The Sawatsada
The Sawatsada is a waterfall in the premises of Parshuram on the Mumbai-Goa highway. It is a favorite holiday spot during monsoons.

Other locations
There are numerous other beautiful locations in Parshuram like the Vashishthi Darshan, Deep-Maal and Paayarwadi. Be there to enjoy it !!!

Vashishti Darshan


  1. the awesome
    kya baat hai
    kya baat hai
    aur kya baat hai........

  2. Mind Blowing....
    Simply like god had competition with nature to make this place beautiful...!!
    That waterfall is superb...(Though it has somewhat difficult name)

  3. Hi,
    Great snaps!
    Would like to know if you have any snaps of old parshuram temple. Please contact on

  4. Hey Thanks !!!
    I'll search for snaps of old temple when I get home.

  5. Good to read this. I visit Chiplun often. But never been to Parshuram. Would try to visit.

  6. Glad to learn about this location called Parashuram. Even otherwise the Konkan coast is one of the most beautiful stretch of land in India.


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